5 Tips To Make You A Better Programmer

·May 30, 2021·
5 Tips To Make You A Better Programmer

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5 Tips To Make You A Better Programmer

You want to become a better programmer? Start with these 5 tips to make you a better programmer. 1) Keep learning. 2) Stay curious. 3) Practice. 4) Ask questions. 5) Be humble.

Tip 1 :Keep Learning

A common mistake that programmers make is that they don’t continue to learn. Don’t be afraid to switch platforms, or modify your tools to learn something new. It can be difficult to learn something new when you already know everything that’s out there. Keep a Google Alerts and RSS feed for news and publications you’re interested in. I’m currently subscribed to more than 100 newsletters, blogs, and magazines. 5. Stay Curious Like my motto, “If you aren’t asking questions, you aren’t learning.” When I ask myself this question, I’m always looking for ways to learn more. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I used to believe every challenge was a problem. A decade later, I’ve come to learn that there’s an amazing world of techniques, research, and information out there.

Tip 2 :Stay Curious

Whenever I see a piece of code in a book I always ask myself if it can be replaced with something more elegant. Look at the functions in one of your favorite libraries and ask yourself if you could write them yourself or if you need a library to do so. If you know something inside-out ask yourself how you can reuse it in other places. I often see students trying to pick out the smallest bit of code to fix. Instead of writing the code yourself, ask yourself what you could have done to make it easier. Then fix that code.


Tip 3 :Practice

Nothing to say , just practice ... so many websites and so many competitions and hackathons waiting for you..

Tip 4 :Ask Questions

Making good design decisions is an important part of being a good programmer. An important part of being a good programmer is being able to communicate your design decisions to others. There are some common design problems that come up again and again. Designing UI Designing UI is a real art form. It takes an incredible amount of practice, discipline, and creativity. It takes design thinking to make decisions about how the UI is designed. It takes discipline to avoid having things "fall over" when you have a bigger number of screen. It takes concentration to make sure that your user's first experience with the product is not a frustrating one. When you do design work, ask yourself these questions: When should things be pretty? Why is something "pretty"?

Tip 5 :Be Humble

As human beings, we tend to take for granted that we understand a lot about many things. We assume that we know a lot about science, but we don’t know the vocabulary and concepts necessary to take a good scientific study. We assume that we know a lot about a culture, but don’t know how to read an ethnography or a primary source. We assume that we know a lot about a language, but don’t understand idioms and nuance in other languages. Our “technical” knowledge is far more limited than we expect. What’s more, we don’t ever just stop doing. We get used to our ways of thinking, and eventually get comfortable in the loop. That’s why a combination alex-knight-2EJCSULRwC8-unsplash (1).jpg of humility and intelligence is important to keep your mind sharp.


These are my 5 tips to help make you a better programmer. Keep Learning Just like with climbing, getting into programming is a gradual journey of learning what you need to know. You might think that you know a lot, but there is always more to learn. When I started I was pretty much clueless about how to start coding. I would spend hours reading books on my couch while eating cookies and watching Avengers. Now I know how to code in many different languages.

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